Friday, August 19, 2011

First Post!

This is a big day for me! This morning I began to learn how to use the new camera, how to download the photos onto my computer and now I am beginning my first blog. I'm thrilled.

Well. Now what? Hmmm...thinking back on the many creative blogs that have inspired me over the years, I guess I'll just begin by telling you a bit about myself and posting a few of the photos I took in the garden and around the house this morning.

My heart, soul and spirit are 26 years old, but they are currently residing in the body of a 59 year old...which just seems weird to me. I was a social worker for many many years, but, due to state budget cuts, my job ended over a year ago. On the day the office actually closed I was in the Bahamas with friends and have been enjoying the lack of structure ever since. It is a luxury to have time to pursue my passions and I am appreciating every moment.

The days fly while I'm making recreated antique jewelry in my studio which overlooks the canyon and hills behind our house. Sometimes I paintings are primitive at best. I have no training, but I love doing them and only display them in the tiny alcove room upstairs. This spring I did a lot of work in the garden and I'm glad I did, because I haven't followed through with it this summer. The preparation work paid off in gorgeous roses, tall hollyhocks, sweet peas and masses of feverfew. Our garden was beautiful this year, but it is beginning to wane now that fall is on the way.

I'm looking forward to this blog evolving into a new facet of my life and the friends and experiences it will bring.

I hope you enjoy the few shots I took this morning around the house.

What inspires you to create? What do you love to do when you have free, unscheduled time to yourself?

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